Who we are

Brewood District Community First Responders are a group of volunteers trained by West Midlands Ambulance service to respond to emergency 999 calls within our local community. Our volunteers live within the Brewood and immediate surrounding areas. All the volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and careers and all vary in age.

Community First Responders provide immediate care to patients in rural areas where the distance from ambulance stations may affect the response time. Our volunteers try to provide a 24 hour service around their current jobs and donate much precious time to the group. Each volunteer can offer as much time as they want towards the service, though members may not be able to commit to a fixed weekly time period.

The Community First Responder scheme is a charitable organisation and we do not receive any money from the central West Midland funds. All of our running costs are needed to be covered by donations, local fund raising and sponsorship. Our funds need to cover day to day running costs such as medical equipment, uniforms and training courses. In addition to this we have to cover costs of buying the car, insurance and blue light driving course.

Responder Car